Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Get things rolling

I've been learning that a good teacher reflects on past experiences in order to better him or herself as an educator. If we do not reflect on our past successes/failures, we are doomed to repeat them.

So this is to help me reflect.

Final activity for classes (Start, stop, continue):
On a piece of paper, help me (the teacher) by answering the following:
1) What should I start doing?
2) What should I stop doing?
3) What should I continue doing?

8th grade answers: (13 students; 12 answered)
1) start
more games / doing fine / more 'regular' words to create sentences / pay more attention to students in case we talk about you / studying cultures / no homework / games / class was pretty good / IDK / practice telekinesis /more about culture

2) stop
flash cards / throwing markers at students / abusing the students / like the tests / nothing, this class is great / tests / tests / nothing comes to mind / cheating at 'caramba'; jk, all is good / nothing; I think your methods of teaching are effective and fun / tests / tests, quizzes, any study guide

3) continue
games / games /using games and interactive things to teach. That method seems to have helped a lot / the games are REALLY helpful and make it easier to remember. Kudos to you for being so creative / word search / games / reviewing terms, colors, etc / liked activities / being flipping awesome / everything else / powerpoints / 'I liked how we started out with conversations. Then when we learned new things, we played games to remember them. I liked the fly swatter game! Not to mention we're actually learning something the way you're teaching. Actually understanding it. That type of thing.'

Spanish I (10 students)
1) start
more review games / more food days / more parties and food / projects on the computer / go over verb words more / more movies / there isn't that much that you didn't do in class. I really liked it! ¡Gracias! / ¡Por favor tocar la guitarra más! / I think we should have as culture day like Sept 16. / salsa dancing

2) stop
the rants / game: ¡Caramba! / TEST!!! / listening activities / videos we had to watch / translating / I didn't like the audio activities, but they did help me / song: El Pollo / I didn't like the listening activities because I couldn't ever get anything out of it / listening worksheets

3) continue
how easy it was to learn / I like the way you teach and everything / me gusta your sense of humor y fiestas / games & talking time / review games / learning Spanish / I really liked the way you taught it was great & I am excited for Spanish II. / me gusta ¡Caramba! / I liked the whol class and the games. I felt like it helped me learn better and remember things. / fiestas, all games, caroling

Spanish II (8 students)
1) start
no sé / more projects to help, like the movies / more detail on eso, esa, esto, esta / we should make flash cards in class / hands on examples, more time on reflexives / being more strict on things and when people don't turn in homework show them you're not worried about your grade and doc points / more worksheets to drill the concept in your head / more games that apply to the lesson

2) stop
no sé / nothing / nothing / playing 'Lotería' / ---- / IDK / nothing / nothing

3) continue
videos and powerpoints. The city project was fun! Asking about our weekend. / teaching the way you do / games and fun learning / continue making videos / using pictures and other examples that make it easy for people to visualize / redo test mistakes when you get it back because it helps out / showing powerpoints, they really help / movies and gimp projects

Food for thought...

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