Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Día 43 - Current Class Schedule

There will be off days.  Today I could tell that a lot of my students were tired.  Or at least they were showing it.  They probably didn't like the idea that I had an extended reading for us to do today.  But hey, they need to get over it!  That's part of the system that I am trying to follow this year while I learn and hone my TPRS skills.

I like worksheets about as much as the next guy.  The stories are obviously supposed to be springboards for conversations.  But sometimes as a TPRS teacher, our ideas bomb a lot because we just can't tell what will be funny on a certain day.  It all depends on the classroom energy.

Today in the classes, student had a really strange energy.  They had a desire to be goofy but it wasn't working well with the reading.  I didn't scrap the reading because I thought it was necessary to go through with it.  But I noticed through reading Ben Slavic's materials that he usually has a story one day, a reading the next.  Then on Friday there is another sort of activity.  I like the way that sounds.

But if I want to substantially change the format I'll just wait until after Christmas.  For what I have right now, I think it's working well enough.  The students are getting used to the format.  Currently the format is something like this with the weeks alternating:

week 1:
M- weekend activity
T- new story
W- finish story
Th- song + finish story or story retells
F- story re-tell and writing story or game

week 2
M- weekend activity
T- reading
W- extended reading
Th- song + finish extended reading
F- reading, game, children's book, freewrite, etc

But I do like the idea of reading the day after the story.  I also like the idea of sticking to a story for one day and not trying to resurrect it.  The reason we tend to stay on a story for two days sometimes two and a half days is because of scheduling problems with early out days or because I might do a lot of circling and we throw in some silly details that help the kids feel more like it's there story

Food for thought.

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