Friday, February 18, 2011

Día 109 - idea for an activity

So I just had a few ideas.  We'll see how they work out.  Last year I used to give certain stories to students (pre-TPRS) and then I had them order them again to a logical order.  This kind of goes along the same lines but somehow the idea was dormant in my brain until this exact moment.

Idea 1:
So an obvious idea would be to break the students up into groups of 2-4 (depending on the class size) and then to have a reading for the day cut up into pieces.  Then I have the students order the pieces.  Once they order them, we'll go over the story and see how they did.  It would be good to help them think about the narrative while piecing it together.

Idea 2:
 Another idea would be to have the groups be given multiple stories that are the same cut up and each story is in an envelope labeled with a number or a letter.  Each group would race to put one story together.  Then we would see who came closest.  We could start out with simpler and go to more complex.

It could be a good review of vocabulary and/or structures that have been presented.

 Idea 3:

  I was thinking that something I could do with my 8th graders (or high schoolers) would be break them up into groups and give each group a different story.  Each group would then have 6 panels cut up.  They would each have to draw 1-2 different pictures from different parts in the story to illustrate it.  Then we would circle through the stories and have the groups put the pictures in order based on the story.  I thought it would be better for them to draw them since I am horrible at drawing them.

So we'll see if I'll remember to do any of these activities in the future. ;-)

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