Friday, May 6, 2011

Día 161 - story - s/he remembered

So I've been coming up with some of my own stories with structures I think might be fun.  I was thinking about a silly story that I could do with my Junior High kids.  The neat thing is how different my original idea (written story) and their story (oral story) came up.  They loved their story so much though and it was a magical class that day.  You could feel the energy and excitement.

The story involved the structures:

estaba sorprendido (he was surprised)
recordó que (he/she remembered that)
buscó (s/he looked for)

The students came up with the following story:
      There was a chameleon named Thomash.  Thomash entered his room one day and he was surprised!  He was surprised because there was a girl in the pool in his room.  Her name was Jackie.  Jackie was really sexy and she had a small bikini on.  Jackie liked to swim.  Jackie invited Thomash to swim with her.
     Oh no.  Thomas remembered that he didn't have a bathing suit.  Thomas went to "Chameleons-are-us" and looked for a bathing suit.  He looked and looked and looked.  He found one and grabbed it. It was a tight bathing suit.  He went to his room and Jackie liked the bathing suit a lot.

The written story was the following:
     There is a boy named Gregorio.  Gregorio enters his bedroom and he is surprised.  His bed isn't in his room!  He looks for his bed in his room.  It's not there.  There is a problem.  He doesn't remember where it is.
     He goes to the bathroom.  He looks for it in the bathroom.  He looks for it in the toilet.  It's not there.  He looks for it for an hour in the house.
     "Where is my bed?"  he thinks.
     He goes to his friend's house.  He enters his room and he sees his bed!  His bed is in his friend's room!  Gregorio grabs a chair and hits his friend in the head.
     "What's your problem?" his friend asks.
     "You stole my bed!" Gregory yells.
     "I didn't steal it.  Don't you remember?"  his friend asks.
     At that moment, Gregorio remembers why his friend has his bed.  On Tuesday, he lost his bed in a basketball game with his friend in the park.  

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