Friday, October 28, 2011

year 2 - TPRS - parent/teacher conferences

So in the last school I taught at and the current one, they tend to have a short day (until 12:45) and then they have parent/teacher conferences from then until 7:00 pm.

It makes for a long day.  In my previous school, we were able to stay in our rooms during the parent/teacher conferences and I think I might have 8 or so parents come (a few of which worked in the building).  At this new school, all the high school teachers had tables set up in the gym for a one-stop parent/teacher shop.  It was a little different, but forced us (especially me) to be more social.

At the beginning of the year, I had a mother meet with me and introduce me to her son.  She expressed to me her reservations about him because he had taken Spanish I the previous year and had completely failed it and had to repeat the class.  She was worried that this year would be just as bad or worse for him.

I've noticed this year he's been doing quite well and tends to have an ok time in the class.  He also aces his quizzes over the stories and structures.  His parents came lastnight and his mother was so thankful for how she even heard him speaking Spanish one day nonchalantly in conversation.  He responded in typical high-schooler fashion, "It's no big deal.  The teacher says it everyday."  Nevertheless, his mother was able to see the change in his attitude toward class and he has completely turned around in it.

There were a few other students whose parents told me how much their kids talked about class at home or listened to songs from class at home and shared that with their parents.  These are my treasures.  These are the things that are what remind me that the day-to-day frustrations and difficulties are worth it because I have students interacting with the language and loving the experience in the classroom.

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