Monday, February 13, 2012

TPRS year 2 - It's supposed to be a bad day?

In previous years, I would often find myself taking a sick day when I would feel a little "off."  There are days where I can just feel like it's going to be a bad day simply because of my attitude when I walk into school.  So I would just save everyone the grief and I would call in sick and email my sub plans to the secretary.

I thought it was a good plan and everyone won.  This year is different because I have already used up all of my sick days for visiting the doctor with my wife (prenatal visits).  Then I took a week off after she gave birth and now I am completely out.  If I miss anymore days, that comes out of my paycheck in the summer.  So I better really feel sick or it's a bit pricier.

Consequently, I have been forcing myself to go in.  Interestingly enough, this phenomenon of me not feeling good  (when it happens) occurs on Mondays.

So today is a prime example (as well as last Monday) of me feeling really not up to teaching but going in anyway.  What I found was something astounding.  My students did awesome both days.  They were enthusiastic and enjoyed the weekend chat.  They came up with interesting things to talk about and the classes pretty much ran themselves.  It's odd because it's so counter intuitive.

As I think about it, most of the days I can remember this year of me going into school grumpy have ended up being wonderful days for TPRS.  I wonder what causes this.

Either way, it's proof to me that teaching kids through stories is a heck of a lot better than teaching them the traditional way.

Today I even had a student observe a class (since he's been hearing about how awesome Spanish class is all year) and he (of course) enjoyed it.

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