Sunday, August 26, 2012

TPRS - year 3 - Pacing Guides

So the past two years with tprs, I was getting my feet wet. I didn't worry too much about curriculum or standards or all that jazz. In my small districts, they have to focus most of their attention on the core classes. 

It has been nice for me to simply focus on teaching and to be able to dabble with TPRS without really worrying about having to plan too much!  It's helped me work on honing my skills in being able to do PQA (personalized questions and answers), circling, and storytelling as well as being able to try out some different activities like Kindergarten Day, the weekend report, etc. 

But this year is my second year at the same school and we have new administration.  I teach one section of 8th grade Spanish (that switches every quarter), Spanish 1 and Spanish 2. 

We unofficially had Spanish 3 mixed with Spanish 2, but the new administrator said no. Some of my students who wanted to be in Spanish 3, kept asking and then told me that they were really looking forward to it this year. 

My administrator told me that the only way I would be able to have a Spanish 3 class is if I were to write up Pacing Guides for my classes to be voted on by the school board. So I finally finished them Tuesday night after two late nights of working on them. 

Then I had to revise them because I only had written them by quarter instead of by month.

Here's a link of youd like to see them. I'm not incredibly proud of them because I had to rush, but it gives an idea of what I'll be teaching this year. 

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