Wednesday, February 6, 2013

TPRS year 3 - Agentes Secretos (teaching book)

So before Christmas, another Spanish teacher (at another small school) and I had planned out a unit of sorts for the first semester.  The goal was to teach the kids enough of the structures in the novel Agentes Secretos y el mural de Picasso.

The following is a reflection of the reading of the actual book as well as other activities that we did during the unit...

Went well:
  • many students enjoyed reading a book and commented on that in their reflections on the unit
  • students did well (minus a few outliers) on the test that was IN Spanish about the book and things that happened
  • utilized different learning styles to help the kids understand the novel
    • powerpoints with animations of characters 
    • actors
    • drawing
    • reviewing
  • the Native / Heritage speakers read the chapters for us as narrators
Improve on:
  • doing more activities to vary review of chapters
  • it seemed like we were rushing through the book near the end which made some kids uncomfortable
  • start doing book a little earlier
  • realize that not everyone likes reading
  • talking about the students and linking language to them and their lives
  • having students guess details in story...
  • teaching the novel using reading strategies 

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  1. I enjoy reading your reflections and I love your ideas! Here's the one that I have found has the most power : "talking about students and linking language to them and their lives" When you can connect the kids to the reading by finding a connection between the character and your students, the setting and your students and/or the conflicts in the plot the interest SKYROCKETS!!

    with love,