Wednesday, July 24, 2013

TPRS Year 4 - posters

So I have this idea this next year as I change to a school that teaches with more of an emphasis on grammar and conjugation.

I thought that I would continue with what I have found successful in Comprehensible Input and TPRS while making sure my students have access to the BIG IDEA grammatical concepts we'll need to "cover".

My thoughts on this was via posters.  I have found that the posters that I have intentionally made tend to get referred to more than random ones that I have purchased.  This is most likely a result of the posters that teachers can buy aren't really much other than a word list and I don't typically teach those words.

Note to self... be more intentional with Shapes and Opposites poster next year.

Anyways, so I decided that I should make some reference posters on the following so I can point to it as needed and my kids can get exposed to it more often.

This definitely excites me about the possibilities of this coming year as well as apprehension for the challenges of a new school, block scheduling, standards-based grading, and all the other new stuff I don't know about yet!

These are for educational purposes in my classroom and the images aren't necessarily mine.  I did organize them all to make something concise and comprehensible.

Reflexive Pronouns poster - using dogs

Demonstrative Adjectives - using Mario Bros

Word Wall - based on Scott Benedict's on his site

Possessives poster

Indefinite and definite articles

High Frequency verbs - based on Scott Benedict's on his site
example of one poster on decir

Verb endings posters - one per tense

'emotions' poster with blanks to put students faces up...

Rejoinders - I like the ones that Bryce Hedstrom put up, only they don't have English with them, so I might have to make my own adaptation of his.

Oh and here is a picture of my "word wall" that I printed off, colored and laminated...
(click picture to enlarge)

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