Monday, December 2, 2013

New Web Series - Learning Spanish through Stories

Hello everyone!

So I found myself over Thanksgiving relaxing and drawing on my Ipad, only to realize that I could make sub-par drawings and narrate them in Spanish, after some tweaking on the computer.  And Voila!  I have my very own Comprehensible Input videos that will slowly get more complicated each video to help learners acquire the language versus working on the grammar out-rightly.

The best part, they'll be short and each will cover a structure as we tell a story.  I'll then recycle that structure in future videos.

Each story will be about 10 episodes long and then we'll move on to a different story.  The structures will get increasingly more difficult as we go and eventually I would imagine some pretty intense storylines.

Here's the first video & second video starting from scratch!  I think I'll do a version in English as well.

Let me know what you think!  I'm excited and I think it turned out kind of neat!

Read about my first storytelling venture from a few years back:

or see my first and second interactive storytelling attempts on Youtube:
story 1 & story 2


  1. This is GREAT! My students will LOVE it - even though they are in high school. I have just discovered your blog and am devouring it. Thank you for putting your thoughts and ideas out there.

    1. Sorry I didn't ever respond! Glad you were enjoying the blog back then! :-)