Monday, March 3, 2014

Monkey story #2! SNEAK PEEK!

Here's a continuation of the monkey story to help people learn Spanish in a simple, repetitive way.

I'm pretty excited.  In this storyline, I'll be using the following while reviewing the structures from the previous series...

come - s/he eats
quiere comer - s/he wants to eat
le dice - s/he says to him/her
tiene - s/he has
con - with

I also throw in some "I" and "you" forms of some of the words in conversation, but I think it will still be comprehensible... [fingers crossed]

While it seems incredibly complicated, these are things I tried to draw pictures for and always, always, always, offer subtitles for so it's not just up to the learner to figure it out.

I'm enjoying making these and hope people can find them useful in their own personal study or for teachers and their classes.

see first story here:

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