Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Former student comments

A former student visited me today while seeing my door open as I was getting to leave. She came in with a friend who hasn't taken Spanish yet.

I remember how last year, she did great in class but she one of those faces that looks angry at all times. While I wouldn't have known from her facial expressions last year, we never butted heads or anything. Regardless I wasn't always completely sure how she felt about class. She told me how much she loved class last year and she remembered her seats and various parts of class. Also, she was jealous of another student in the classroom that had my class this year and told him how lucky he is. She went on to tell him that I am the best Spanish 1 teacher that he could have.

Of course I responded that she hasn't had any of the other Spanish 1 teachers so there's no way she could know that. Still, it's nice to hear such high praise from a former student.

She also told me her reaction when she got home from  meet-the-parent night before school had started last year when I had told her that we would be speaking in Spanish 90% of the time in class. She was incredibly excited about it then, during the year while we used it in class and says she misses that this year.

It was a nice visit!

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