Wednesday, April 20, 2016

When dinosaurs attack - movietalk

Here's something I decided to do to help review some things for later as well as add in some additionally useful words.

And I think it's funny.

I realized since this week was a shorter week, it might be fun to spice things up with a MovieTalk and do it as a mini lesson and then build to another MovieTalk with similar structures.

So here is MovieTalk one about dinosaurs:

I thought I would try something new and review the TPR words and add in some new ones and have them make predictions about the movie because it's so silly.

I'm excited to see how it goes.

And here is MovieTalk two about washing the car (did last year):

We'll do the TPR part and do something different.

It will have charades after the TPR section where my volunteers will act out the phrases and then the class will guess the whole sentence. (alternate idea: could have similar sentences to story but with other vocab to make it more charades like)

So far, both will probably take two days each (since I do other things in class as well in a block schedule).

If I do an assessment, I might have my kids rearrange the sentences from the story in order. We might do an embedded reading (but doubtful for these particular videos).

Feel free to use them for your own purposes! :-)

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