Monday, September 27, 2010

Día 26 - In need of some decorations

I decided that something that is lacking in my room for good ideas and suggestions is my having the room covered with different sections of things.  Currently when we tell stories, I would like to focus on some different vocabulary to add into the stories.  If a person went somewhere, how did they go?

One such list of words I would like to have is a list of types of transportation.  But lists bore me (and most people).  So instead of lists, I would like to have a section on my wall dedicated to types of transportation and have them colored and labeled in Spanish.

I would also like to do this with different types of animals.

Eventually, I think it would be awesome to come up with a list of interesting adverbs and/or actions and have my students take pictures of those things so that I can post them across the classroom as well!

My room will always be a work in progress.  But I want my students to be able to see the words already on the wall so I don't have to keep writing over and over on the board animals and other things.

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