Friday, September 24, 2010

Día 25 - Reading Activity with Junior High

I had a reading activity with the Junior High students and it was a subtle joke but it was right up their alley.  I actually didn't think about it on a conscious level when writing the story but it popped out of my mouth during the talking about it and the kids became much more interested in the story when they made a connection that I hadn't thought of. (See story)

The premise is that a girl has a horn and she can't get a boyfriend.  It echoes the story that I told the class a few days ago in that there is a person with a relationship problem.  I'm just working with the present tense and some similar structures from the previous class period.  The idea is to build their confidence on reading.

The activity is to go over a sentence, have a student translate it and help with any words they don't know.  In helping them with the words, you can move on to the next part.  You may circle during the reading to ask about previous information in the story.  You can also refer to the parallel story that you told in class in the past tense to test the students' memories and remind them of the funny story that they created which happened to be similar.  You can also create spin off facts about the students.  I hadn't even thought that I would have students who would want to have horns.  But they did and then we were able to circle about how they have horns, how many, what size, what color, etc.

Then we could continue with the story after some circling about their horns and the girl's horn from the story.  I will give them a short quiz at the beginning of class later today to see how they do.  Other than that, I'm not sure what to do with them today.  Hmm....

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