Thursday, October 13, 2016

New storytelling adventure (Fall 2016)

I've been doing another Youtube endeavor under the title of "Cuentas Conmigo".

This is the fourth story. I just wrapped up episode 6 yesterday and I am really proud of how it is turning out.

In the previous Cuentas Conmigos, there was very little emphasis on anything cultural.  And I realize that that might be seen as a weakness to the videos. If teachers use them in their classes, perhaps it would be best to add in some more little cultural tidbits. In this way, teachers could use them as springboards for discussion or as a nice little culture pop up.

The first episode you can really see this is in episode 5 where we learn that the narwhal can't do any tricks. While he is painting a familiar painting (well mural actually) should be seen. It's something I learned a lot about thanks to Mira Canion and her wonderful TPRS reader: Agentes secretos y el mural de Picasso.

And in this week's episode, the main character finds himself going to a Spanish-speaking country, where (as it was a country I visited many years ago), I threw in some different places that he could potentially have gone to!

Sufficed to say, I am really having a good time. I think I am doing a great job of adding in the first/second person forms in the present tense via dialogue and I really hope that this resonates with teachers, their classes, and any learner of Spanish!

Here are the first two episodes (past & present). Feel free to check out the rest at my storytelling channel here.

Episode 1 (past)

Episode 1 (present)

Episode 2 (past)

Episode 2 (present)

Let me know what you think!  Incidentally, I don't have any additional activities for these since they do take a bit of my week/weekend to make. If you use them in your classes and make any additional materials for your classes, could you share those with me so I can offer them to others for free?!

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