Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TPRS year 2 - Spanish 1 Story idea

So yesterday during our weekend chat activity... I had the following two structures to talk about my weekend that I thought could really turn into a riveting storyline later...
  • me desperté (I woke up) 
  •  sentí (I felt)
Of course these quickly switched to the third person when I started asking about a student:
  • se despertó (s/he woke up)
  • sintió (s/he felt [object])   vs.  se sentía (s/he felt [emotion])
And through circling, the storyline quickly developed into someone waking up being disoriented and feeling something (possibly a body or something else).

In one class, two students woke up in a prison and one was still unconscious.  In another class, a student woke up with one leg in a bathroom and a cat.  In another, a girl woke up in a the trunk of a car with 6 dead skinny people with big butts...

As you can see, the variety was interesting according to each class and we practiced the structures.  I wonder if the kids related to this becuase of movies like The Hangover.  Either way it was fun to play around with.  Also you could go backwards as well as forwards in the storyline.  Most of my students like to say, "No recuerda" (S/he doesn't remember).  So most of the questions were very unanswered, but the kids got interesting, comprehensible input as they continue to learn Spanish.

So maybe next year, this might just become one of my standard stories for Spanish 1 or maybe even for Spanish 2 with some different structures.

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