FREE Leveled TPRS Resources

These are in no particular order. They are organized based on for what levels I used them at a given time. I might not use them in that level knowing what I know now or considering the curriculum I am teaching now.

I hope this helps give you some ideas whether you are a TPRS teacher or simply someone wanting to try something new!

And just because something says Level 1 or Level 2, it could still be adapted to any classroom. You could just change the language to be more complex.

Level 1:
  1. Simple story - s/he woke up!
  2. Halloween - Se hace de noche
  3. Telephone story
  4. Song + Story - Me cortaron mal el pelo
  5. Song - pulgarcito
  6. Song/Rhyme - zapatito blanco, zapatito azul
  7. Movietalk - Sketchy Blues from Birdbox
  8. Commercial - "Helios es vida"'
  9. Commercial - Jimmy Dean "Listo"
  10. Movietalk - Day of the Dead
  11. News idea
  12. Story idea - la mafia de las vacas
  13. Commercial - Dramático
  14. Song + Story - Mi mascota es
  15. Song + Story - Celos
  16. Movietalk + mini unit - Alma
  17. Movietalk - Carwash
  18. Simple song - Una papa
  19. Story idea - the monster
  20. Story idea - the monster (follow-up)
  21. El muñeco viviente - The relatively true story of Justin Jedlica
  22. Movietalk + mini unit - Alma (Follow-up)
  23. Bathroom story + Puedo ir al baño (revised)
  24. Movietalk - The Dinosaur attack
  25. Game - Mafia
  26. Story - didn't know how to dance
  27. Story Script + authentic text (song) - 31 Minutos - Me cortaron mal el pelo
  28. Story Script + embedded reading + powerpoint + song activities - Selena el chico del apartamento 512
  29. Story Script + Movietalk + readings + song activities - Soy Yo - Bomba Estéreo
  30. Story Script - Wants to impress

*Check out my 2015-2016 folder of various things I used that year for Spanish 1.

*Check out my 2016-2017 stuff as well for Spanish 1. 
NOW available in FRENCH (translated by Bess Hayles for her classes).

Feel free to download them and use them in your own classes.

Level 2:

Feel free to download them and use them in your own classes.

And please don't judge me if you don't think my stuff is at an appropriate level for YOUR classes. I'm always pushing for more complicated language each year in any level and am still working to find my niche! ;-)