Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TPRS Year 3 - Story/Song combo - Me cortaron mal el pelo

So many moons ago I stumbled across a song that was really catchy to me in a silly way.  It's from this show 31 minutos in Chile, which is kind of like a Sesame Street type show, although I'm not as sure about the educational value of it.  After reading up on it, it seems more like some of the cartoons, like Pinky and the Brain, that were as popular with adults as they were with children.

But I digress.  So I found this song called, Me cortaron mal el pelo (they cut my hair poorly).  I wasn't ever really sure what to do with  the song until recently.

You see I've been storytelling the past few years, and it has occurred to me that ANYTHING can help us come up with our structures for storytelling in class.  I needed to talk about some of the things so my students could better understand the Piratas del Caribe y el mapa secreto (Pirates of the Caribbean and the secret map) novel we started.

And the song is fairly simple and lends itself wonderfully to creating a story with some structures I needed to get some more reps of anyways.  Feel free to adapt it as needed for your classrooms and let me know if you come up with other ideas for it or if you end up using it.

Here were my structures (since I used the phone story last week and they went well together):

  • ya no podía ir a la escuela
         s/he couldn't go to school any longer
  • "Puedo cortar tu pelo"
        "I can cut your hair"
  • le cortó mal el pelo
      s/he cut his/her hair poorly

Story skeleton (kind of a conglomeration of where my students took it today):
     There was a girl.  The girl was in love with a boy.  The girl's name was Suzy.  The boy's name was Brad.  One day, Suzy called Brad.  She called him because she was in love with him.  Brad looked at the phone, but he didn't answer.  He didn't want to talk to Suzy.  Suzy was in love with Brad, but Brad wasn't in love with Suzy.  She called him again.  He answered.
     She said to him, "Hello, my love."
     Brad told her, "I'm not your love."
     Suzy asked him, "Why?"
     Brad answered, "Because you're ugly."
     Suzy asked him, "Why am I ugly?"
     Brad answered, "Because your hair is ugly."
     Then Brad hung up the phone.  Suzy cried for a long time.  She was sad because Brad told her that her hair was ugly.  She had ugly hair. She couldn't go to school anymore.  She couldn't go to school anymore because Brad told her that she was ugly.
     Suzy went to Hair Gallery.  She needed a haircut.  She couldn't go inside Hair Gallery.  Hair Gallery was closed.  She couldn't go inside Hair Gallery because it was closed.  She hit Hair Gallery's door and yelled, "Brad told me that my hair is ugly.  Where is everyone?"
     She was sad because she couldn't go inside Hair Gallery.  But suddenly, Albert was walking along the street in front of Hair Gallery.  He saw Suzy and he asked her what was wrong.  She said, "I called Brad and he told me that I am ugly and my hair is ugly."  Albert told her, "I can cut your hair."  Albert could cut hair!  So Albert cut her hair.  Albert didn't take a long time to cut her hair.  He cut her hair in three minutes.
     There was a problem.  Albert couldn't cut hair very well.  He cut her hair very poorly.  Suzy was uglier. Suzy was even sadder.

Here's the song:

Click here for the lyrics.

Additional Links:
Official website (didn't work for me)
Fan page (In Spanish)


  1. I like how you made the connection of a funny song to a story idea. I'm always looking for new story ideas for TPRS in my classroom. Now, I'll have to look at video clips through that link. How fun to do all the storytelling and then get to watch the silly song. :) ¡Gracias por la idea!