Sunday, September 22, 2013

TPRS year 4 - Commercial ("¿Me lo compras?")

Going along with indirect objects, I just loved this commercial that caught me off guard.  Pretty simple language.  Could use it later in the year for Spanish 1 or sometime soon for Spanish 2.  

Could be fun to have kids peruse the COMER website as well (link below).

“Me lo compras”

Niño - ¿Me lo compras?
Señora: No, corazón
Niño: ¿Me lo compras?
Lo quiero
Señora: Ok.  Con lo que ahorré y porque está barato.
Ay mira. Sí está muy barato.
Niño: Mamá. Mamá. Mira lo que me compró la señora.
Voz: Tú, ¿Vas al SUPER o a la COMER?

structures to pre-teach:
  • double object pronouns
  • lo que
  • ahorré
  • está barato
  • cómpramelo

  • direct objects
  • indirect objects
  • verb ir - present tense
  • verb comprar and present tense / past tense

possible extensions:
  • Movietalk
  • store: Mexico: COMER
  • cultural perspective: use of affectionate (pet) names: corazón = honey / my love
  • storyline with person asking everyone to buy him/her something
    • or similar story with a kid seeing things in different places and begging his mom for them

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