Sunday, September 22, 2013

TPRS year 4 - Spanish 1 simple story

With the 90 minute block schedule, my students and I have been doing some PQA and some TPR in the same days.  This has really been kind of neat because it's almost like two different classes.  Sure they're worn out by the end of it.  But I told them at the beginning of the year that my class would be more like Spanish boot camp and if they didn't like that idea, they could transfer out of my class.

So I found this silly video clip and I was going to try it out next week with them to introduce a simple story to them to break up the monotony of PQA and show them that they have been learning for a purpose!

Possible Pass 1: 
    Watch the video.

Possible Pass 2: 
    Have a half sheet of paper with a bunch of different words we have been going over.  Have students circle the words that appear in the movie

Possible Pass 3:
    Describe video in Spanish (and ask questions) while watching.

Possible Pass 4:
    Go over reading (below) as class / with partner

Possible Pass 5:
    answer pre-made questions with partner (one asks the other who answers and they write down their partner's answer) then vice-versa... turn in

Possible Pass 6:
    Do slightly more difficult version of reading including words like "cama", "triste", "hombre" "tiene el pelo rubio", "otra vez" while keeping the main storyline.

The basic storyline is here:

Hay un chico en una casa.  El chico no está bien.  Está mal.  Mira una foto.  El chico llora.  No está bonito afuera.  Llueve.

Cuatro pájaros entran en la casa.  Uno es azul, uno es rojo, uno es amarillo y uno es blanco.  Los cuatro pájaros de diferentes colores tocan música (instrumentos).

El chico no está mal.  El chico escucha la música y está bien.  Sonríe y baila. Baila con sus manos en el aire.

Su mano izquierda pega la lámpara.  La lámpara pega la pared.  La ventana cierra en los pájaros.

La foto se cae al suelo y se rompe.

Llueve.  El chico ya no sonríe.

*underlined words/phrases might be out of bounds for some classes or all classes

If you're teaching in a Department who isn't as friendly to TPRS/CI, then check out what has been accomplished in the storyline to give multiple passes to students:
     1. weather terms
     2. 3rd person forms of verbs
     3. colors
     4. animal
     5. reflexive verb (se cae / se rompe)

And if you think of any other activity ideas, please feel free to share!


  1. Thank you for sharing

    1. Hopefully you can use it in your class or be inspired to create something similar! ;-)

    2. love the concept. Will try it in my class. Thank you SJ!