Friday, April 4, 2014

Preferred Activity Time - Cut throat

For today's PAT, we had some structures we were practicing during the week and I thought we could do cut-throat.  I read about it earlier in the year and thought it might be fun for this time of the school year.

See description:

Now, retrospectively, I might not have read that as well before trying.

I wanted to add an additional competitive element to it with my PAT groups (their chants, camaraderie, etc).

So I had them do the two people at the board (writer and runner).  Other people at their desks could write out the answers on a paper and the runner could run that to the person at the board if they so desired.

After markers were down, we critiqued and they could steal points (100 per error) from the other teams by doing their chant and telling me the error and correction.

This was pretty fun and most were engaged in it.

However, it got downright nasty with saying, "there is no period".  I allowed them to pick out the writing and they were calling out letters for being capitalized or not.

Since some people were writing fast, their handwriting might not have looked perfect so I'm not sure we did that part correctly.

Due to the nature of the critiquing, we only were able to do 3 translation questions (I said the sentence with structures we were practicing in English, they wrote in Spanish).

I'm debating whether or not we should continue with the nitpickiness of punctuation and capitalization so that next time, they will know the expectations, or go easier on them.

I mean, the game IS called Cut Throat.

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