Thursday, September 4, 2014

TPRS - year 5 - my 3 areas to improve on

Wow, I can't believe I am in year 5 of teaching with TPRS and CI.  I am probably going more towards CI while bringing in TPRS, since CI gives me the option to find more extensions than just stories.

I'm pretty excited about this year so far.  It's my second year in a big high school with a Spanish department.  We're slowly shifting towards a more TPRS/CI friendly curriculum, which is exciting.  We were all quite excited about our Spanish 1 students last year and their abilities in the language compared to previous years with more traditional curriculum.

This year I am trying to improve in a few areas.  I've been gleaning ideas from other teachers.

The three main focal points for my teaching this year are:

1. Policing eye-contact better (while going slowly)
2. Contacting parents more frequently (with good and bad reports as needed)
3. having notebooks for my writers to write in from the beginning of the year with the PQA activity

There are more things I am tweaking this year, but those are the three big ones I am working on, on a daily basis.

I hope to be more effective and inspire more students in their acquisition of the language than last year.  I noticed that since I didn't police eye-contact very well, I lost some students in a way that they were unable to recover in class last year.

Wish me luck!

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