Monday, January 4, 2016

Last minute gem - Una papa - simple song

I always find myself planning late at night before bed (for some odd reason) and stumbling across something that I really want to use with my students (because I LOVE to mix things up each year with new activities).

I stumbled across this really cute little song about potatoes that like to dance!

It could be great for elementary teachers or middle school/high-school students to get those wiggles out for a brain break. (Of course you know your classes better than I do. As a wacky teacher, I can often encourage them to do things like this or the mascota activity.)


But I digress. I found this song a few minutes ago and HAD to use it tomorrow for the following reasons:

  • it's simple and catchy
  • it will get my kids moving
  • it reviews body parts we already went over but re-contextualizes them
  • the lyrics are almost 100% comprehensible already without the video
  • I need to hit on me gusta, te gusta and le gusta this semester and was going to throw it in the next story actually.
  • it will serve as a wonderful brain break whenever we are having a blah day as well
  • I have a hard time hitting a lot of foods with TPRS and this is a great way to at least throw in the high frequency "papa" in there.

Here is what I'll do with it:
  1. I'll show the lyrics slowly and make sure they understand while teaching them gestures. 
  2. The pictures will slowly be revealed.
  3. Then we will try it together (standing, at desks, etc)
  4. And finally, I'll turn the lights off, get them in a semicircle around the class and we'll dance it out to  the cute music video.

Lyrics + gestures:
con ojos -
le gusta bailar - just tell them to break out their best dance moves
then for two papas, do the potato sign again until done!
una papa - una papa - make oval with hands
con ojos - point to eyes
con una boca - point to mouth
con una nariz - point to nose
una papa - make potato with oval with hands
con brazos - point to arms
con piernas - point to legs
y un sombrero - put a hat on head
una papa - make potato with oval with hands
Le gusta bailar - dance like there is no tomorrow!
dos papas - maybe do 2 with fingers then do "papa" signal from above

See lyrics sheet I came up below or the link here.

*Update* I tried it first block with my really sleepy class and I found that if I really danced awkwardly and over the top (hands over head and trying to tap dance badly) , it helped them get into the mood of the silliness. ;-)

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