Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Story idea - monster - follow-up

A few weeks ago, I posted about a story line I was wanting to do with my classes involving a grandmother (or any other character), monsters and silliness. See that post here.

So I had a class that was a little bit ahead of my other classes due to a late start and I wanted to have an additional activity (reading pass) for enrichment and to get those pesky yo forms of the verbs for them!

See abuela embedded reading.

I wanted to give them a google slides presentation instead of another piece of paper to read and while I thought about telling the whole story again from the grandmother's perspective, it occurred to me that it might be sillier to tell the whole thing from the monster's perspective.

If I did this right, here's the presentation for the monster story (part 4):

To make a copy of the presentation, click here to see it through my google drive!


  1. Hola Jeremy - this is really funny and I've very impressed. I teach Spanish I and I'm in awe at the complexity and level you're introducing to students. I'm really interested in knowing more about how you pace your content and your lessons (in 90min classes and shorter periods). Just a suggestion for a future blog post. Gracias!

    1. ¡Hola! Thanks for your positive feedback! I appreciate the idea for a future post. I'll see what I can come up with.

      The short answer, I scaffold with Comprehensible Input. In my teaching, one of the most effective methods for teaching Comprehensible Input is via stories (and embedded readings).

      The idea is to use as much i + 1 each class period as possible. I'm still a work in progress (as well as my classes), but my hope is to push my students a little bit more each day while reinforcing the old stuff.

      I could easily write the post right here, but I'll try to get it out in a few days (or tomorrow during plan period!) ;-)

    2. Got the response up sooner than expected! Here's the post I hope it helps! (And I hope I don't come off as snooty. I just wanted to define terms a bit as well for myself as much as for anyone else!)


    3. This is awesome! Entertaining us key to tech a language. I will be trying this with my students soon. Thank you!