Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Templates for additional activities

First semester flew by and I wasn't able to get into the rhythm that I like to create until this semester since we were still using the first 10-15 minutes of class interviewing a student (very basically about one thing they like to do) until we finished talking about everyone.

But I like to establish a routine with some additional activities. I'm only doing Spanish 1 this year, but these activities worked for other levels because you can always use more language when reacting or describing whatever it may be. And these are great to get into class mode.

Often times I pick something because it relates (well or loosely) to some words we have been going over or I simply find it hilarious and need to share it but find a way to get the high frequency words in there.

Here is what I ended up on. Since we only meet every other day (due to block scheduling), I really will only do this 10 or so times each. The thing I enjoy is I can often do some different passes of old words and/or add some enrichment vocab (for those quick kids who want more vocab) and sometimes (if appropriate) I can do some pop-up grammar.

Every day: 
  • Daily report (today is) - on board
  • How is everyone? - Talk in Spanish about them for 5 minutes, ask follow up questions as appropriate
  • Weather report (clip off weather from TEMPLATE

Then I also will do an additional warm up activity.
Mondays - Memes - TEMPLATE
Tuesdays - Joke - TEMPLATE
Wednesday - Miaucoles (funny cat pic; see Zachary Jones) - TEMPLATE
Thursday -  Comics (favorite = bunicomics) - TEMPLATE
Friday - Fails (pictures/videos) - TEMPLATE

others I have used or wouldn't mind using sometime:
  • trending topics in Spanish speaking countries on Twitter
  • Pick-up lines
  • Proverbs / wise sayings
  • Chuck Norris facts (these aren't popular to kids anymore)
  • wacky news story
  • viral videos
  • commercials
  • movie trailers
  • pranks (so many on youtube!)
If you can think of any others that you have used or would like to, comment below!

After these we'll do reading from a novel, some TPR, a song, a story, PAT, etc.

*I am able to do so much during class as a result of 90 minute classes every other day.


  1. I like Twiccionario (Zachary Jones) and using posters for festivals / events. The poster images work well, gives some cultural perspective.

    1. I'm glad you've found additional activities to bring more content into your classes that you are excited about! ;-)