Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Volleyball reading explanation

So I like to do volleyball reading every once in awhile to get the kids up out of their seats and to interact with one another but still practicing what we're doing.

A nice way to do this is volleyball translation. I tweak it slightly to make it seem new. but the idea is the same.

Person A reads a sentence in Spanish.
Person B translates the sentence into English.
Person B reads the next sentence in Spanish.
Person A translates the sentence into English.

In my class I often do it as an additional pass of a reading we've already done (or that will be relatively simple for them).

But I like to give instructions to my students in Spanish whenever possible, because life's too short!

Here's something I came up with that might help.

*feel free to use it in your class if you would like. I drew the objects so you have my permission to use it to explain volleyball reading.   Obviously, I noticed there were fewer problems when I did this than usual (for understanding expectations).

If you would like to change the language for your own classes / download a copy, click on the "google slides" part near the bottom and it should take you to the google doc, where you can download it through the "file" menu.'

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