Monday, March 7, 2016

Siri and foreign languages

Last week on Friday I was feeling goofy (wait ME?).  So as I talked about the days of the week as part of the class warm-up I told them that it was actually Wednesday and they were insisting that it was Friday, and we had PAT (Preferred Activity Time).

I moved on and as I asked them how they were doing, some of them talked about how they were good because it was Friday and I would argue how it was Wednesday (in the TL). But finally since they insisted so much, I threw my hands up in the air (to practice a phrase from our story) and yelled "Necesito ayuda" (I need help!).

I went over and picked up my iPhone and asked Siri if she spoke Spanish. Magically it let me change it right there to Spanish. And I asked her in Spanish, "What day is today?"

She responded in the TL "Today is Friday,...".  My favorite part was the expression on my kids' faces as they saw that Siri (something many of them use) can speak Spanish!

So now I have another voice in the target language whenever I forget silly things like math to ask my kids, "What is 3 + 3 again?" (in TL).

If you haven't tried it yet, you should! It's pretty fun.

*I tried it again today (in my other classes due to Block scheduling) and they were also amazed at her ability to speak Spanish, and it just made for a fun random moment. In one class I had to ask her a match question because I couldn't figure out if there were 6 or 10 squares on a paper. Turns out Siri is good at math! :-)

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