Thursday, September 29, 2016

Comercial - Me voy de casa

So this year in Spanish two, I have certain vocabulary points I need to hit for a unit and I have wanted to use this commercial for years.

I decided to do a lot of TPR first with my classes to build up their understanding of some words for sure.

So this folder gives you all of the things that I used with the Argentine commercial: Personal - Me voy de casa. (Folder Contains: screenshots from movie, TPR, warm ups, readings, Movietalk slides, instructions & reflection)


Here is more or less what I did.

Teaching of Material:
I pre taught with the TPR words in conjunction with other instruction.

These all related to certain goals I had due to departmental constraints, personal conviction as well as what words would help them be successful in class to have a growing working vocabulary, and what would be nice to know to talk about the video and make it compelling.

These were used each day to start class to help give more repetition of the new words

After doing the first two days of TPR, I told them this Movietalk via pictures.  There was a simple quiz afterwards. In the notes section of the quiz are the questions I used.

I believe this was a warm up one day because of time constraints. It was simple enough, but I wanted them to read it and have a task so that they would have to actually go back to the text. Since it was a warm up, I know if I just told them to read it, they wouldn’t think about the meaning and my lower ones wouldn’t be as motivated to simply do the exercise. It went relatively well!

After doing the next day or two of TPR, tell this story.

This was a scaffolded activity.
First the warm up was a matching activity, then partner translate after going over that section. The warm up was a bunch of pictures in the warm up slides presentation above.

For this, I showed the video and paused to generate more interest. Afterwards they saw the whole movie.

Did this as a warm up because I thought it would be interesting and something different. I played the commercial multiple times in the background. As I guessed, the language in the song wasn’t super comprehensible to them. But it was a nice enrichment activity.

I did the reading as a powerpoint instead to do something different. There are questions in the second part. If you look at the notes section in the the presentation of the questions, the answers are included.


What I liked:
  1. I liked experimenting with scaffolding the Movietalk in a different way. Instead of leaving out just the ending, I left out a key part near the beginning and led them to believe that he just didn’t want to go to school. By the time we got to the last version, it made it funnier (to me).
  2. I always like doing Movietalks. I also like how we were able to talk a little bit about a cell phone company in Argentina. I should extend this next year
  3. I liked how I was able to weave in some words I am supposed to work on for the units I have to teach but in a meaningful context
  4. I am glad that by the third time we did the Movietalk, I had the wherewithal to just show them the movie and pause it so that it would be fresher. Their interest seemed to be waning a little bit on version two. Might have been the kids, the day, the hour, etc.

What I would like to do next year is:
  1. Throw in some more high frequency words whenever possible.

  1. Interview a person who pretends to be the kid in the Movietalk. Kind of like what Blaine Ray does here.

  1. Maybe do a past tense version of the reading or a reading in the “yo” form.

  1. Maybe create some different activities utilizing technology for the kids to use their 1:1 Chromebooks and get additional passes on the material. Here are some ideas:
    1. textivate - multiple passes of readings
    2. Access to various reading versions on online classroom that students could access and read 2-3 versions (maybe 5 versions total to help those high fliers fly higher and those lower kids to still be successful and work towards something)
    3. quiz - flashcards of vocab/sentences
    4. quizlet live
    5. scaffolded zaptions of video?

  1. Start using this earlier in the year after having reviewed the super 7 in 4-5 weeks of simple storytelling plus additional structures needed to help my Spanish 2 students to be more successful with more whole-language type teaching

  1. Have a culmination of sorts. Since I was feeling out the mini-unit, and I had various interruptions (testing day/homecoming assembly), it was hard to have a nice end to the 2 week activity to see what kids absorbed. Next time, it would be nice to create some sort of test/assessment involving 2-3 of the following:
    1. Retell me the story with picture support
    2. Rewrite the story
    3. Written test with multiple choice answers / true false / short answer about story
    4. Translate 200-300 word reading version
    5. Translate leveled spoken sentences into English from story

*I might still do this but it will require me to review the information a little bit on Tuesday of next week (since Monday is personal interviews) and then give it to them. While I am working to teach over long term, that would still be a 4 day break. So I am not sure how well my lower kids would do.

Could you see yourself using this? Could you adapt it to fit your needs? Let me know below! I hope you enjoyed seeing my thought process and activities. Please don't judge me too much for being one teacher with other things on his plate and a lack of creativity!

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