Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fashion report - vocabulary filler

So I mentioned in a previous post that I am trying to do my best to teach lots of clothing words in a way that (while contrived) is a compromise for me without having to do a LONG vocabulary list.

Each day I do the following:
  1. my stick-drawer (job) draws a stick with a name at random and I describe what the person is wearing to the class (including colors afterwards to describe)
  2. I recently started asking that person to stand up; not sure I would feel comfortable doing this depending on the class, but my students this year know I am not there to make fun of them and so far have been great sports. I don't talk about them for more than 30 seconds to a minute anyways.
  3. Then ask about the words up there that I have pre-determined and ask if anyone is wearing a certain thing.
  4. Could ask a follow up question, what store did you buy that in ? (need to "cover" preterite this year... but that's actually an interesting question if you want to know!)

I know it's nothing earth-shattering. But I feel like it is going about as well as I expected.

Today I gave them a warm up where they were supposed to match the clothing words to the English counterpart and they did just fine.

So I am glad that this frees me up for teaching with stories and other things I enjoy in the rest of class and I can incorporate the clothing as needed.

Here's the template if you wanted to use something similar.

I don't change it every day, but might change the color of the socks, shoes, shirts, etc.

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