Sunday, March 18, 2012

TPRS year 2 - Commercials

I took a webinar with Kristy Placido on January 19.  It was a great investment.  She provided this amazing handout with all sorts of ideas on how to make authentic texts come alive more in your classroom.

One of the things I had always thought about was incorporating commercials into class.  I had yet to do it though.  So I decided to do it because she showed us an example of one she did as well as the cloze activity.

So I found one and I went ahead and transcribed it and offered my students a cloze (fill in the blank) activity.  Then we went over more or less what it was talking about.  They did an awesome job of figuring MOST of it out.  And they loved the commercial since it was silly.  It also gave me an opportunity to talk about novelas (soap operas) in Spanish since it's a parody of one.

Here's the activity sheet.  I've had students requesting more!  So I should really do one this week sometime just to do something a little different in class.

Plus it establishes connections with the culture as well as helps us to make connections.  We might also be able to see a brand or a cultural idea in the commercials which can help us to understand the way of thinking of people in a different culture.


  1. Hola Sr. Jordan:

    A mí me encantan tus videos y también esta actividad. Estoy de acuerdo con tu opinión acerca de la realia. ¡Gracias por compartir!

    Señora McPeak