Sunday, March 18, 2012

TPRS year 2 - Weekend chat

Well so I guess this weekend as well draws to a close.  I thought I would share and think around a PowerPoint I made for last Monday.  I decided that sometimes my information about my weekend is boring.

Here's an explanation of how I tend to do my weekend activity.  It involves me coming up with a few phrases I can circle with my students.  But then I can shift those things onto my students.

This year I have realized that my students might have something completely unrelated to talk about.  So I try to ask the question, "¿Qué hizo?" (What did s/he do?) after circling with another person and finding out they didn't do what I did.

But I've been finding my weekends consist of the same structures OVER and OVER again.   So last weekend, I was reading some different news stories and decided to start off my weekend with...

  • leí (I read)
I circled around it with the class and then they didn't know what I read.  I finally pointed out that it was obvious and I had read the news!  I knew they wouldn't like talking about the news.  But I then had made a PowerPoint of a few news stories I had read.  I explained a little about the news story and then asked them to guess something about the news story.  Then we moved onto the following one (or maybe we chatted a little longer about one).  I thought it would be good to introduce some words we haven't really seen much and also just to do something a little different.  For the most part, they were interested in it.  I would like to turn it into an activity next year almost as the first activity leading into our weekend chat.  Or using something I had read to then circle the structures using students in class.  I think there is a lot of potential!

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