Monday, October 7, 2013

TPRS year 4 - Spanish commercial - "Helios es vida"

I stumbled upon this commercial today and thought it was nice and simple for Spanish 1 students and could be used as a Movietalk for upper levels even and discussing your own situation or what all is going on (with more vocabulary and difficulty).

The campaign is for Helios, a brand in Spain:

Basically the video is referring to "[something] es vida" ("---- is life").

In the video, they use a lot of infinitive verbs.  I'll need to slowly explain infinitive verbs (but not by calling them that) in my Spanish 1 classes.  And it would be neat to have an extension idea...

So I would probably start off the discussion after watching...
¿Qué es "vida" en tu opinión? (What is "life" in your opinion?)

And we could discuss it as a class in Spanish 1/2 and then I could ask them to write their own idea down and draw a picture to accompany it as a sort of brain-break for class.  The following class I could show them on the document camera and discuss them.  Or we could post them around the class and have the class vote on which one is the most likely.

It would be an interesting first opportunity to get them to express something more worthwhile in my class and more real (or silly if they desire) and also simple enough.

We learned the word "vida" in the phrase to get their attention, "¡Pura vida!", a common phrase used in Costa Rica for pretty much everything positive.

Then this word was further reinforced in our tweets today.

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