Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Noticias (news report)

I sometimes find that on Mondays (or Monday-like Tuesdays), I have a hard time getting into storytelling and PQA.

In previous years I swore by the weekend chat.  I haven't done that as much this year.  Maybe I should resurrect it.

Once I can get into a rhythm of a 1-2 week plan, that might be easier so I know what structures to PQA for the first day of the cycle.

Currently though, I don't have a lot that I have to accomplish and we've been reading some TPRS novels and doing extension activities.  But you can only talk about a short book so much!

So today I resurrected something I did two years back once or twice about a news report.

The idea was I found 3 news stories over the weekend and then tried to put them in digestible chunks to explain to my students in differentiating language.  I had some language goals I was working to accomplish (moreso with Spanish 2).  And I was working to expose my Spanish 1's to -ndo and some present perfect and to the verb pensar (to think).

My Spanish 1 students are stronger in Comprehensible Input since it's their first year in Spanish and we are using it, while my Spanish 2 students were taught more traditionally last year and they have a harder time with the CI due to learning through a different method last year.

Here are the powerpoints, feel free to take the idea and run with it.

For the most part, it went well and I didn't have to have as much energy to tell a story, but we got our brain breaks by having them walk to different parts of the room to see which person thought what answer was right.

The activity took about 30-35 minutes.  I could have added a quiz, but I did a quiz for the chapter in the novels we read afterwards.

I might try to resurrect this more often every few weeks.

See Spanish 1 news: here
See Spanish 2 news: here

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