Friday, September 26, 2014

TPRS year 5 - Preferred Activity Time (PAT) continued...

I posted about this awhile back (see post), but I wanted to point out something I find interesting.

I used to do games every week probably twice or so.  I thought by Wednesday and by Friday we deserved a game.

I have found that with PAT, the fact that they have earned the game is so much more empowering to them.  It also helps during those blocks for them to remember how valuable their attention is (of course we still do brain breaks because I am not a slave-driver).

But notice this graphic to the left.  I have noticed that even with the reward of 1:00 per 15 minutes on task time and giving bonuses for people doing their jobs, we are still getting over 8:00 in some of the classes, which is really awesome for them.

They are constantly being complimented on doing their jobs and hearing that positive encouragement.  This has created an environment where the classroom is charged with excitement as they are walking into my classroom (as I shake their hand and say, "Buenos días".)

The classes that get that 8:00 or more minutes are doing beyond what I could ever ask and that magical fusion creates a class where we can learn so much more that PAT (and more of it) is the best reward to give them, because they are using class time so effectively.

I just wanted to brag about my students.  This is definitely an improvement on PAT since last year. I'm glad it's improving.

If you wanted to see how my board looks, here's another pic.  This is after a class period.  Then I add up the little bonuses (and subtract the negative 5 seconds (each tally) when I lose eye-contact).  The total is circled so I could add it to the spreadsheet.

It might be a little messy, but it has been working for me so far. The numbers are crossed out since I was adding them.  I also make a point to let them know why they are getting those bonuses.

If you don't use PAT in your classroom but find your class could be managed better, consider making the change!  I'm glad I have.

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