Monday, October 6, 2014

TPRS year 5 - Movietalk - Simon's cat - Scary Legs

I am trying to do storytelling this year, but also to add in another component after every story or two: an extension (commercial, song, video, movietalk, cultural connection, etc).  This way I can further recycle the structures from our stories, but bind them in a new way for better acquisition.

Our Spanish 2 students will be reading Noches misteriosas en Granada 2nd quarter this year and we are pre-teaching them structures from the book to be successful.

One of our first stories was:

  • sigue ___ndo (s/he keeps __ing)
  • se va para (s/he leaves for [place])
  • "tienes que ayudarme" (you have to help me)
Then I had done Total Physical Response (TPR) during brain breaks for some other words:
  • aplasta (s/he squishes)
  • [se] sube (s/he climbs/goes up)
  • muere (s/he dies)

And for fun, I also went over the song: la araña pequeñita

Then we did a movietalk to further cement all of these things together in a less obvious context.

I admit, I got this from another teacher, Diane Volzer.  I have never met her, but somehow stumbled upon some of her MovieTalk presentations on her google drive.  She did an amazing job and I am not about to reinvent the wheel for every activity!

I added a PQA section to her presentation to prep them on some of the words we would be using.

Here's my revised version of her presentation for my classes.  Ok, so it might not be a traditional MovieTalk because I am not showing the movie and pausing the video and only having my students listen.  I also wanted to highlight key phrases and tell it more like a children's story.

So sue me!  Afterwards though, I did play the video and narrate some of those highlights and ask questions.

This activity took a day and a half or so (with other activities I do in class).

And we also did a reading and a sentence unscramble.

I thought it went well!

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