Friday, January 16, 2015

Spanish 1 or 2 story idea - I have an app for that!

I am preparing my Spanish 2 students for a Movietalk based on this commercial because it's so silly and I don't feel as though my students are confident with "le da" or "le dio" or other forms of that verb yet.

I also thought it would be nice to bring in: "le enseñó" into a storyline.  I only needed one more structure.

For some reason, I thought of this as the structures and a story skeleton:

  • le enseñó su teléfono
  • le dijo, "tengo una app para eso"
  • le dio una mirada confusa
Basic story script (very basic skeleton you could add details to):
     Billy loves his phone.  He thinks his phone is great.  He goes to a house and two people are playing videogames.  They ask him, "Want to play with us?" He tells them, "No thank. I have an app for that."  They give him a confused look.
     Billy goes to the park and people are playing soccer.  They yell to him, "Hey Billy, want to play soccer with us?" They give him a confused look.
*     Billy goes to the restaurant and a beautiful woman is eating alone.  Billy thinks she is the most gorgeous woman in the whole world.  He says to her, She says, "Excuse me. You're beautiful.  Do you want to eat with me?"  She says, "No thanks. I have an app for that."  He gives her a confused look and goes home with his phone.

*if "Billy" is one of your students, don't allow the last location to shine poorly on him.  Any location and situation can change to make your student look popular and awesome. I think it would be better to make this character someone weird and strange.

The second option for the script is people keep coming up to him while he is on his phone and he always tells them, "No thanks. I have an app for that".

I was also reviewing: arrived, s/he was ___ing, s/he thought, s/he kept, s/he left for, s/he came out of, etc

Here is the embedded reading for the Movietalk after working with these structures a little.

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