Friday, January 16, 2015

TPRS year 5 - Spanish 1 mini-unit - Alma

For a few weeks this quarter, I wanted to work on a unit in Spanish 1.  I thought we could review the super seven (hay, quiere, tiene, está, es, le gusta, va a) and add more.

Last year around this time, I did the Movietalk with Alma.  It's a neat little video about a little girl who finds a surprise in a store in Barcelona.  My classes are always sufficiently creeped out by it, which is wonderful!

This year language-wise has been a little bit different so I thought I would do the following to lead up to Alma.

1. tell story involving some weather based around Blaine Ray's story with the structures (see embedded reading):

  • Estaba triste porque hacía mucho frío
  • Entonces, le dijo, "No me gusta el frío".
  • le dio un abrigo

2. tell a story I used to pre-teach some terms for Alma story (based on Pinocchio's story)

  • el muñeco se veía como ____
  • quería ser
  • se convirtió en

3. Insert simple talk/reading about real life dolls
(people that surgically change their bodies to become more like Barbie and Ken)

4. Do Alma movietalk and embedded readings (unrevised version).

possible structures for the readings:

  • necesita ayuda
  • no puede ___r
  • piensa que es una buena idea
  • se convierte en
  • tiene hambre

5. Possibly talk about burning of dolls in the new year in some parts of Latin America (tradition called: "el año viejo") *Cultural Component

  • hacen muñecos
  • queman
  • se ven como
  • se convierten en

6. Some music I've thought about incorporating:
Los pollitos dicen (ppt) (traditional kids song)

  • les da
  • tienen hambre
  • tienen frío
  • busca
  • "dame"

¿Si hacemos un muñeco? (from Frozen)

Well, wish me luck. I'm still working on it!

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