Thursday, April 9, 2015

Movietalk - Carwash

This year, we are reading Piratas in Spanish 1 this semester (last year, we only got through Agentes secretos by the end of the year due to department paradigm shift).

And so I am revisiting some of my activities from the book, but I have realized something since I have been doing the books for a few years now, and this year, I feel like my Spanish 1 students are truly more capable than any previous year with Comprehensible Input.

Something I didn't do in my previous school was a movietalk or two in conjunction with the book to teach a few additional TPR words and a silly story to offset the book.

Here's something I came up with (and am still working on).  I think this will fit in nicely with one of our final stories for the year about el chico del apartamento 512 storyline from the very talented Martina Bex.

Here's the activity.

Plan: this is to offer a brain break during days where we read the book in conjunction with adding some words that will appear later in the book.

I've sprinkled in the words for about 5-10 minutes of TPR in a block schedule to change the pace of class for a few weeks and we have made our way to about 9 words.

I might introduce 3, teach the action (to show we understand it), and then to come up with an association, then practice practice practice!  Afterwards, we might do a closed-eye quiz or a quick competition vs another person and see who does it first correctly.

It's something that can bring laughter into the class after a long day (and these days in March/April are long!)

This is what I ended up doing.

Day 1: first 3-6 terms (+ old words)

Day 2: 6 terms (+ old words)

Day 3: 6-9 terms (+ old words)

Day 4: 9 terms (review) + charades
Now I felt like we were confident on Day 4, so we reviewed for 5 or so minutes to get them moving and laughing, and then I used an idea from a Carol Gaab workshop.  I wrote a simple story line for the Movietalk and cut up those sentences (1 per strip) and gave them to volunteers. With the TPR words projected, the students guessed the charades.  It was really quick, because they we getting the words, and it was so fun to even hear some of them using comprehensible language (correctly) like spontaneously adding an "n" on the end of their actions when I didn't tell them to, or a girl saying "los pájaros" for one of the sentence because the actor made sure to act out multiple birds.

It was neat!  All because of a language rich environment.

Then I had a slide with the sentences out of order and had them come up with a logical order and we discussed them. I had maybe 2-3 students tell me what they came up with and we talked about them and then afterwards, I asked if there were many correct answers (since they were making a logical story) and there were multiple possibilities.

Day 5: review terms and do Movietalk
(by the way, the Birdbox Studio videos are all wonderful due to surprise endings)

Day 6: review movietalk and have them retell to a partner describing a few frames + possible embedded reading with partner

revision ideas: I want to teach "stops doing something" next year as a structure (deja de ___r) for the story or beforehand so that I can say, "deja de lavar el coche", but I thought it turned out well otherwise!

Also, I could have done a 3-ring circus with the TPR words sooner and reviewed older ones.

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