Sunday, April 9, 2017

Original Story Script - keeps eating

Background info:
So in my Spanish 2 class for their food unit, I need to talk about food but also hit some verbs and whatnot.

I need to go over trae (s/he brings).  But there is also a song that I want to use as a warm up soon that has the words: sigo (I continue/keep __) and aprendí - I learned.

And of course a lot of food words for the unit.

I would also like to review:
pide (s/he asks for/orders)
tiene ganas de (s/he feels like)

Last week we used the Jim Tripp script: "the soup nazi."  Thanks for the solid script and bit of nostalgia, Jim!

Story skeleton:

So the basic structures are:

  • s/he brings to him/her
  • while John is eating, s/he learns that there is something in his/her food
  • s/he keeps eating

So the basic story skeleton as you can probably see:

John goes to a fancy restaurant. The waiter takes him to a table and John sits down. The waiter brings John a menu. John looks at the menu and feels like ordering [food].  John orders the food and says, "I feel like [food]." The waiter tells him, "Of course.  I'll be back soon." He brings John the [food]. 

John starts to eat the [food].  While John is eating, he learns that there is a [another food/animal/classroom item/anything]".  He tells the waiter, "Excuse me. There is a [noun] in my [food]."  The waiter tells him, "That's normal. [Food] always has [noun]."

John keeps eating the [food].
Then wash, rinse repeat with two more foods, or two more characters, or two more days of the week, with different foods and things.

It might help to have food props. I bought some kids sets at a local store for pretty cheap. So maybe there is some chicken in his cake. And have a rubber chicken on his cake prop. Etc.

Another option would be to throw in some cultural foods from your target culture and have "s/he learns that [target culture food] is [ingredients]."  I was thinking of like haggis and how I would guess each country around the world might have different dishes that would be taboo to a foreigner.  Maybe this will be my embedded reading!

Anyways, feel free to use the story. Tweak it, enjoy!  And let me know how it goes!

And here is my powerpoint; class stories, & present tense story:

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