Friday, May 5, 2017

Movietalk - worst date ever

*Last year, I used this movietalk in Spanish 1 at my previous school. Another great example how you can use things at any level; just vary the complexity of your language/vocabulary.*

This year, here is a movietalk that I did with Spanish 2 because while I am supposed to do a food unit, I find that verbs and meaning are what drive any good story, not senseless lists of words!

So I did add a food word or two: jamón. You could easily add in other words and discuss the banquet that he has prepared for his date.

But you might notice in the embedded reading, I am reminding students of clothing words and other verbs that appear are things from previous units in the year. I always try to bring those words back in in new contexts whenever possible to remind students to help with long-term retention.

I wanted to reuse some of the words from the previous "keeps eating" story (see previous post) in a new context as well with s/he brings,  s/he keeps [doing something], & while... s/he learns that.

I also broke it up into a few days. And I really didn't do much with it. Just told the story, had a few readings, did some exit ticket quizzes, etc.  You could expand it to do more with technology if you so desire and review games. But this is the basic stuff!

So without further adieu, enjoy!

And here is a link for quizlet flash cards you could use for Quizlet live:


  1. What's the link to the video?

    1. Added it! Sorry about that. I have since organized it a little better here: